EST 9913

Name: 0089P
Strain: IM62
Tissue: tips of developing inflorescences, consisting of very young
unopened floral buds (< 5mm long), floral meristems,
and shoot apical meristems
Host: DH5alpha
Vector: Plasmid pGEM-T Easy
Description: IM62 is a highly inbred line propagated for > 10 generations by
self-fertilization and derived from a predominantly outcrossing
(~80%), annual population of M. guttatus located on Iron Mountain,
Linn Co., Oregon. Plants were grown from seed in the greenhouses
at Duke University and tissue for RNA extraction was collected
from 1-2 month old plants. RNA was extracted using the standard
protocol for the Qbiogene FastRNA Pro Green kit. cDNA was
synthesized from total RNA using the BD Biosciences SMART PCR
cDNA synthesis kit. No size selection was performed. Library
was not normalized and was not directional. Titer of primary
library was ~1000 cfu/ng vector (pGEM-T Easy). High quality
start and High quality end are determined by phred score >= 20
for the final base, and an average phred score >= 20 for the final
10 bases. Sequence ends were determined using cross_match to
remove vector, and with ends of average phred score <= 11
removed, and homopolymeric end sequences of phred score <= 15
removed. Contaminants (bacterial and fungal) were screened for and
excluded. Project support provided by NSF FIBR.
Plate: 0052
Well: D07
Genbank record: CV520947
Genbank sequence name: 0089P0052Z_D07_T7
Trace file: 568524157
Unigene: MgU1221 MgU56824
sequence: NA