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This website provides access to genomic resources in the monkeyflower genus Mimulus (Phrymaceae), a popular model for the study of plant evolution. These resources include Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs), Bacterial Artifical Chromosome (BAC) clones and libraries, seeds from wild populations and permanent mapping populations, genetic markers, and integrated genetic and physical maps.

This website is open for comments. Please email: help --at-- mimulusevolution [dot] org

What's New

25 February 2010

• The Mimulus guttatus genome is now available at Phytozome. You can browse or BLAST the genome, as well as download the assembly and annotation.

31 August 2009

• Replaced ESTWise graphic with user friendly text on Marker Results Page.

06 June 2009

• Added Mimulus guttatus build 7 (JGI Consensus Sequence) to the database.
• Added Email Request Tracking System to keep track of user comments and help requests.

11 May 2009

• Mimulus lewisii STS markers and unigenes have been added for querying and blasting.

01 May 2009

• Added multiple genetic maps viewable by CMap. Access via the "Maps and Markers" tab. Download the latest genetic maps via the "Downloads" tab.
• Updated Downloads directory.

28 May 2008

• If you start noticing the site getting better and more enriched, it's because I'm working hard on updating it, making necessary changes and integrating a Chado version of our Mimulus data. Keep the suggestions pouring in! Email me, I'm Jason, [japhill email unc edu]

24 Apr 2008

• Download Mimulus Data. This is mimulus data in a raw format. Follow this link to public data and within there you can go to our password protected folders to access even more data. Read the readmes and you will find maps, annotations, scaffolds, BACs, BAC ends...etc. Click Here!

8 Nov 2006

• SNP positions:
SNP positions can now be viewed after searching by marker name

• Phytome unigene link:
Unigenes are now linked to Phytome (Plant Comparative Genomics Resource)

19 June 2006

First public release of data.

• Gene sequences:
8026 unigenes (build 6, 17-Nov-2005) based on 12511 floral ESTs, which can be browsed, searched using BLAST, and downloaded

• Markers:
859 gene-based markers for genetic and physical mapping, including primer &
overgo sequences for each, and a subset containing sequence polymorphism
data 155 AFLP and 15 SSR legacy markers

• Maps:
M. guttatus IM62 x M. nasutus SF F2N1 genetic linkage map, which contains 310 markers.
CUGI M. guttatus FPC map (release 3, 22 May 2006), including 4442 HICF contigs for 56624 BACs